Find Your First 100 Playtesters

Be ready to run professional-quality playtests by creating a playtest panel today.

Find Your First 100 playtesters

You are not your players

Playtesting requires representative players, to generate data you can trust.

But it’s hard to find real players or convince them to take part in your playtests.

Too often teams fall upon asking friends, family, or other game developers for feedback. And end up using untrustworthy data that doesn’t really represent their players.

This leads to poor quality decision-making, and ultimately failed games.

De-risk your game development by finding real, genuine players and convincing them to join you for playtesting throughout development.


Define your players

Understand how the wrong playtesters can tank your game development.

Recognise good and bad definitions, and work out exactly who you should be targeting with your game.

Then find their real, authentic communities and craft the perfect offer to attract them to any type of playtest.

Define your players
Create your playtest panel

Create your own pool of playtesters, who are ready and willing to test your game at a moment’s notice.

Ensure your panel is GDPR and data compliant, and ready to go whenever needed.

Create your playtest panel
Be Ready to playtest

Use your playtest panel to run regular playtests throughout development and unblock iteration.

Use your new playtesters for usability testing, surveys, interviews or any research method.

Make informed game design decisions, and de-risk your game development process.

Be ready to playtest

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Taught by games user research expert, Steve Bromley

Steve Bromley is an experienced games user researcher and educator, who has worked in games for over a decade.

He led user research studies for top games such as Horizon Zero Dawn, SingStar, the LittleBigPlanet series and the PlayStation VR lineup, and continues to work with big and small game studios.

He is the author of the book How To Be A Games User Researcher, and started the IGDA’s Games User Research mentoring scheme, which has linked hundreds of students with more industry professionals from top games companies such as Sony, EA, Valve, Ubisoft and Microsoft.

Steve’s Playtest Kit helps game studios across the world integrate UX research into their game development process.