Usability testing for games: How to plan, run and analyse games usability studies.

What you’ll learn in usability testing for games

  • Moderate a games usability test – Run a usability study and reveal problems with games
  • Define research objectives – Learn how to turn team priorities into objectives
  • Create usability tasks – Craft tasks that reveal players behaviour and understanding
  • Analyse and describe research findings – Sort through data to find the meaning
  • Create a research report – Share findings with teams and encourage them to take action
  • Usability testing in games development – How usability testing works for video games and complements other methods.

Usability Testing for Video Games: Course Overview

A structured programme of four instructor-led workshops covering how to plan and moderate a usability test of a game, analyse the data and generate design insights to make games better.

You will have the opportunity to actually take part in usability tests, and gain practical experience that you wouldn’t get from a book.

Class sizes are small and delivered live via Zoom.

Through live lessons and interactive activities, you’ll learn the theory of usability testing for games and practice usability test moderation and analysis for video games.

You will also be provided with a complete set of templates for planning and running your own usability studies in the future.

Usability Testing for Video Games: What people say

“It really was inspiring for me … it will help us a lot (also with the templates).”

“We learned a lot and look forward to executing on the insights.”

Steve ran games usability training for our entire game development team at MindForce Game Lab.

We all found the training extremely valuable, packed with practical guidance and it provided us with the tools and templates needed to run our own usability tests. The mixture of theory and interactive activities raised our confidence in running usability testing throughout game development, and there were plenty of opportunities to think about how to apply this to our own game. We’re looking forward to running more usability tests to ensure our game is usable and fun for players! 

“As a company with no one who has formal training in user research and testing, Steve was able to train us to a level where we all feel comfortable and confident running our future tests.”

“As a work for hire studio who struggles to convince clients of the benefits of including user research on projects, we couldn’t be happier with what Steve was able to teach us. Knowing how to communicate to clients a clear and comprehensive process will make a huge difference in our sales!”

About your instructor

This course is delivered live by Steve Bromley, the author of How To Be A Games User Researcher. Steve has more than a decade of experience running usability studies for video games, and created the games user research mentoring scheme, which has partnered over 150 students with mentors from across the industry.

This course is aimed at

  • Students preparing for a career in games user research
  • New games user researchers learning the craft
  • Game designersproducers and developers looking to improve the quality of their playtests


When do sessions take place?

The course comprises 4 x 90-minute workshops, delivered live and instructor-led over Zoom.

What do I need to take part?

You will need a (free) Google account to access the templates and activities, and a device that can access Zoom to attend the workshop sessions. Students enrolled in the course carry out assignments and collaborative work using Google Docs.

How does it work?

The course is delivered entirely online. Once you’re registered for the program, you’ll receive links for the live sessions, activities and templates. Class size is limited to allow maximum time for questions.

Usability Testing for Video Games: Curriculum

The course comprises 4 x 90-minute workshops.

Workshop 1

90 minutes instructor-led session with practical activities.

Introduction to usability testing in games

  • Why do we run usability tests in games
  • How does usability testing in games differ to other industries
  • Why 5 users is enough (to start with)
  • How usability testing sits alongside other methods

The usability testing process

  • Usability testing as a repeatable process
  • Defining research objectives

Workshop 2

90 minutes instructor-led session with practical activities.

How to prepare a games usability study

  • Recruiting participants
  • The technology for games usability testing
  • Setting up the environment
  • Writing pre-study questions
  • Creating usability tasks
  • Writing post-study questions

Workshop 3

90 minutes instructor-led session with practical activities.

Run a remote, moderated games usability test

  • Top moderation technique
  • Taking notes from a usability test
  • Activities: Run a moderated usability test live.

Workshop 4

90 minutes instructor-led session with practical activities.

How to find meaning in the data

  • Analyse raw research data
  • Describing research findings
  • Creating a research report
  • Ensuring teams take the right action

Wrap up

  • Final Q&A

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