Games User Research Guidance

I offer regular office hours for free 1:1 usability guidance, industry-quality feedback on work and career advice.

Games User Research Career Advice: For people interested in a career in GUR looking for advice for finding their first role, interview guidance or feedback on resumes, portfolios or practice work.

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Kickstart your career in games

The ultimate resource for aspiring or junior UX researchers who want to start a career in games.

Understand game development, run professional quality playtests, improve the UX of games and make games players love.

Start running playtests, getting job interviews, and making games better today.

Run playtests today

This toolkit is for game developers who run their own playtests.

Made in collaboration with game designers, producers, community managers, UX designers, QA managers and solo game devs, it brings the expertise of over 25,000 playtest hours into one complete playtest toolkit – making playtesting accessible to all.

It’s a comprehensive & actionable toolkit packed with processes, templates, guides, and tools. Everything you need to be confident running playtests today.

The Playtest Kit package