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Help the game industry understand and improve playtesting in 2023.

Take part in our study for early access to results and industry insights, and an exclusive discount on the Playtest Kit. You could also win a free professional playtest for a game of your choice

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From Steve Bromley and Jackson Herd

Introducing the 2023 Playtest Survey

At, we want to help game developers run better playtests.

This survey gathers data from 100s of game developers in order to discover current playtest habits, and the challenges that game developers face with playtesting.

The results will inform our report, showing the state of playtesting + games user research in 2023. It will reveal current trends and challenges facing the industry, and help you adapt, push for more research and help guide those learning game development practices.

This is for everyone who makes games

This survey is not just for ‘UX researchers’! Whatever your job title, if you…

  1. Make games
  2. Have run a playtest in the last year (or plan to run a playtest soon)

…we want to hear from you!

Get some cool stuff for taking part

We value your time.

By completing the survey, you will get:

  • Early Access to the final report and findings
  • A 20% discount on the Playtest Kit

Plus a chance to win one of the following excellent prizes:

  • A free benchmark playtest for your game, or on a competitors game.
  • Exclusive sticker + poster sets from

Posters and Stickers

Your anonymity is assured

Your responses are entirely anonymous.

Providing your email address to receive the final report is optional, and asked for after completing the main survey. It will not be possible to link this to your earlier responses.

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