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Run reliable games user research studies that inform and inspire game development.

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Becoming a games user researcher is a long Road…

There is a lot of uncertainty when starting out with games user research.

Learning what methods you need to know, when to apply them and how to make developers care about your conclusions.

Facing the nerve wracking pressure of interacting with users and developers face to face.

And it’s uncertain how best to use your academic or professional user research skills to make games players love.

Starting a career in games user research takes the difficulty up a notch. There is a huge amount of competition for a very small number of roles, and it’s hard to stand out from every other candidate who are bringing professional or academic experience to the table.

get experience with Games User Research

Get hands on experience planning, running and analysing games user research and ensure you’re ready for a career in industry.

Be confident deciding when and where to apply research methods throughout the game development process, learn common strategies for games user research, and be able to inspire and influence game teams.

Learn how to apply and adapt your existing skillset, to become a confident and successful games user researcher,

Ultimately – improve your chances of working in an industry that combines your passion with your professional skills (or just become more valuable in your current role!).

Everything you need to know to get started with user research in the games industry

Learn how user research works in the games industry, some popular games user research methods, and run your first playtest.

You will have the opportunity to work with real player data, and gain practical experience that you wouldn’t get from a book.

We’ll cover:

  • How games user research de-risks game development
  • How the skillset for games user research differs from ‘traditional’ UX
  • An introduction to games user research methods, and how to pick the right approach
  • How to prepare a research study, find the right players and build your study plan
  • How to moderate and collect data from a games user research study
  • Analyse issues to find the most important details
  • Impactful sharing of research findings

You’ll have the chance to plan, run and analyse a playtest – either your own, or using footage from a genuine playtest. You will join a community of peers and get a certificate to show your completion, helping you get a job in games user research.

This remote self-paced course is suitable for:

  • New games user researchers learning the craft
  • Academics preparing for a career in games user research
  • Career switchers moving from other UX industries into games
  • Producers, Designers and UX people intending to broaden their skills.

I got a part-time job from what I learned in this course!

‌I used the knowledge and the research template from the course to research the demo of a Chinese mobile game, which impressed the producer of the game. He shared my research with their team and they invited me to join them!

As a student just graduated from the university last month, this is a super exciting surprise and a new way to open my game career.

Dongna Chen
Games User Researcher

Making the transition from mainstream user research into games hasn’t been easy and I have had a lot of rejection along the way. I have finally started getting interviews and getting to the final stage of interviews.

I owe a huge thank you to Steve. His book ‘How to be a Games User Researcher’ was so helpful and practical.

Following his guidance in his book and taking his course helped me to land some freelance work with a major studio.

He was available for questions and even has office hours where I was able to get feedback on my portfolio and CV – helping me land an interview at my dream company.

Cynthia Sipes
Future Games User Researcher

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Chantel Chandler

Steve helped me find an opportunity to work with an indie studio. They were looking for someone to help with conducting user research for their prototypes.

I applied what I learned from Steve’s course and performed different user research activities – from formulating research objectives and deciding what types of questions to include in the survey to analyzing the player feedback for actionable insights.

This was a great experience for me to practice the skills I learned and get a sense of what it’s like working in games user research.

I’m super grateful for Steve’s support and highly recommend checking out his plethora of resources for getting into games user research. Thanks again, Steve!

Chantel Chandler
UX Designer, Montréal