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Games user researchers run professional quality playtests to ensure games are understandable and enjoyable. This is a key part of making games that people love.

However it can be hard to start a career in games user research. You have questions such as

  • What research methods do I need to know?
  • Where can I find junior roles or internships?
  • How can I convince people I can do the job?
  • Why am I not hearing back from applications?
  • How can I transfer my skills from another career in to games user research?
  • How do I ace the interview?

It requires endless patience to keep applying and not hearing back. Sometimes it feels like it’s never going to happen.

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I’ve led hundreds of people to their first role at top game companies. I’ve uncovered the secrets of hiring managers, and the steps you need to take to stand out from the crowd, make sure your CV gets read, and that you pass the test.

I know what research methods you need to master, and how to best show your experience to ensure you’re ready to work in the games industry.

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Kickstart your career in games

How To Be A Games User Researcher is the ultimate resource for aspiring or junior UX researchers who want to start a career in games.

Understand game development, run professional quality playtests, improve the UX of games and make games players love.

Plus master your games user research career, and learn:

  • How to get and demonstrate experience without a job
  • What skills are employers looking for?
  • How to prepare a CV and portfolio
  • What it’s like working in the games industry

Start running playtests, getting job interviews, and making games better today.

Meet Steve

I am an expert user researcher, specialising in building new user research teams and games user research.

I work with studios of all sizes to run playtests, and integrate user research into the game development process.

Prior to this I was a senior user researcher for PlayStation and worked on many of their top European titles, including Horizon Zero Dawn, SingStar, the LittleBigPlanet series and the PlayStation VR lineup.

I started the Games User Research mentoring scheme, which has linked hundreds of students with industry professionals from top games companies such as Sony, EA, Valve, Ubisoft and Microsoft. I wrote the bestselling book How To Be A Games User Researcher to share the expertise needed to work in the games industry.