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Chaos, Managed.

Game development is an unpredictable process, where ‘the fun’ can only be found through experimentation and exploration.

This leads to conflict, between the desire for predictable development, and the need for creativity.

When the tension between these two worldviews erupts, it creates conflictre-workfrequent changes in priorities, and excessive scope creep – expensive, frustrating and frequently heartbreaking!


Confident player insight is key to bringing these world’s together.

shared understanding of the player experience you are aiming for, and then assessing whether it’s being achieved is essential. Player research will be the bridge between the teams and unlock:

  • A shared language between the business and art of game development, and a vision for what the game hopes to achieve
  • Predictable prioritisation of what’s actually important to players
  • Accurate assessment of the state of game
  • A clear roadmap between ‘where we are’ and ‘where we want to be’

Your team can achieve predictable productionless re-work, cheaper and more reliable development & confident decision-making from ideation to launch with my industry-leading player insight approach.

Lucky Ghost

In creating a new games studio, I was eager to understand more about our players’ needs and motivations in playing games. Steve was able to turn my vague questions and hypotheses into actionable understanding based on real user feedback, which is impacting studio business strategies and the games we are making.

Steve was a trusted partner through this process – from research design, through execution and a delivery of a clear summary which is a constant reference point.

I’d have no hesitation in working with Steve in the future, and would recommend him to anyone who has questions about the people playing their games, or wants to learn more about user research for games.

James Whitcroft
Founder – Lucky Ghost

Steve Bromley has been instrumental in taking our user research to the next level.

As we approached the launch of our first big title, we had a lot of questions about what our long-term play experience was like. Steve helped us define a playtest method that could answer those questions, including finding suitable participants and figuring out the right questions to measure engagement.

He went above and beyond to assist us and has been incredibly important to our user research growth

Wilmer Tjärnberg
User Experience Designer – Frame Break


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