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You’ve run a playtest, but have no time to sift through the data. Let us handle that for you.

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No time to look at your playtest data?

Running a playtest takes a bunch of time. But it’s still only half the challenge – it takes just as much time to interpret the data and draw conclusions – especially if you’re trying to avoid accidentally introducing bias.

After you’ve found ‘the truth’ you also need to craft a clear and compelling narrative that will make your stakeholders care.

In busy development roles, who can find the time?

Playtest data analysis

Get a true, unbiased view of the state of your game by partnering with an experienced external researcher. Steve Bromley will help you draw conclusions you can trust, and craft a message that makes stakeholders care about the results of your playtest.

Steve will deploy expert qualitative and quantitative research analysis skills to find the true results from your study, create compelling narratives, and make decision-makers care. No egos – just the truth.

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George Rowe

We contacted Steve after conducting some playtests, as we wanted a more objective viewpoint on our data that didn’t come with the biases we had after working on the game for so long.
After a quick chat, we sent over all our footage and data to Steve, and he quickly generated a full report which exceeded our expectations in terms of detail and execution time.
Steve was able to provide an external, unbiased viewpoint which was invaluable to us!

George Rowe
Senior Producer at Aardman Animations


    • Unbiased, external view applying UX and psychology expertise to understand the why behind player behaviour.

    • Tens of thousands of hours of playtest experience, on top console, indie and mobile games. I have dealt with every kind of game development and playtesting challenge.

    • Remote first approach – avoid geographic bias and access the widest range of players from important markets.

    • WYSIWYG – Work directly with Steve (rather than agencies who’ll hand you over the more junior team members after you’ve committed)

    • The home of games user research – Steve is author of best-selling user research books and the world’s most popular games user research site.

    • World-class playtesting approaches – Steve created and applies The Playtest Kit to ensure reliable and actionable results.


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