Exclusive professional-level courses teaching the complete user research approach to game development, how to run effective and impactful playtests, and start a career in games user research.

GUR Fundamentals

Games User Research Course: Be ready to plan, run and analyse games user research studies.

The perfect introduction to a career in games user research.

Learn how user research works in the games industry, some popular games user research methods, and run your first playtest with real player data.

Find your first 100 playtesters

Find your first 100 playtesters

Be ready to run professional-quality playtests by creating a playtest panel today.

De-risk your game development by defining and finding genuine players and convincing them to join you for playtesting throughout development.

Survey Design For Playtesting and Games User Research

Survey Design for Playtesting and Games User Research

Write reliable, unbiased surveys

Learn when to use a survey to answer game development questions, how to translate team concerns into survey questions and how to find players to do your survey.

Work with real player data to write reliable survey questions, draw strong conclusions from qualitative and quantitative data and share compelling results.

On completing this course you’ll be ready to test your own games, or run quantitative user research.

Master Games User Research

Free monthly new articles teaching playtesting & how to be a games user researcher. Join the most interesting conversations about games user research, discover job opportunities, and be introduced to new ways to think about game development.

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