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Games user researchers run professional quality playtests, usability and UX studies to make games better. Learn how to run better playtests, and get started in your games career today.

Design Playtests, Understand Players, Improve Games

Whether you want to start a career in games, or just run better playtests, these skills will help you make games that players love.

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The book for learning games user research

The bestselling book with everything you need to start a career in games user research.

Learn how to be a games user researcher, run better playtests, and get your first job with this essential guide.

“This book is an introduction to the core knowledge you actually need to run games user research. It’s not fluff, it’s crunchy” – James Berg, IGDA Games Research and UX Chair

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Every month, get free monthly games user research + playtesting lessons by email.

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Games User Research Jobs – The latest games user research jobs.

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Run better playtests

The advanced playtesting toolkit

The complete playtesting package for game teams who need to find playtesters, plan & run playtests, and draw reliable conclusions from their data.

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Games User Research Training

Bespoke user research + playtesting training for indie, AA and AAA game development studios.

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This website is a project by Steve Bromley.

Steve is a user researcher who works with game studios to help them make games better. Get in touch if you are looking for a user researcher to help with your games project – if I can’t help, I can recommend someone who can.

Follow @Steve_Bromley on Twitter for new articles on user research. You can also learn how to grow a new research team with his other book Building User Research Teams.

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