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Learn about games user research advice from Richard Lemarchand

Richard Lemarchand – Playtesting and a Playful Production Process

Playtesting and games production from Microprose to the University of Southern California, via Naughty Dog

Games user research advice with Jason Schklar

Jason Schklar – Founder & UX Consultant at UX Is Fine

This month I’ve been really lucky to talk to Jason Schklar, industry veteran and co-founder of UX Is Fine. Jason has worked in the industry for over two decades with both game publishers and development studios, including Microsoft Games, Big Huge Games, Zynga & Disney Mobile.

Learn games user research advice from an interview with Patrick Tan

Patrick Tan – User Researcher at Hothead Games

This month I’ve been talking to Patrick Tan, User Researcher at Hothead Games about his journey into games user research, and getting his first role in the games industry. 

Games user research interview with Jimmy Zhou, Riot games

Jimmy Zhou – Researcher at Riot Games

Jimmy Zhou is a user researcher, working on League of Legends at Riot Games. In this exclusive interview, he covers how an internship helped him get into the industry, how to expand your methodology experience, and the importance of starting conversations in the industry.

Games user research interview with Joe Florey at Playstation

Joe Florey – Senior User Researcher at PlayStation

Joe Florey is an experienced user researcher, working in PlayStation’s European user research team. In this exclusive interview, he explained how mentoring helped him join the industry, and his experience converting a psychology PhD into a games user research role.

An interview with Adam Lobel at Blizzard

Adam Lobel – UX Researcher at Blizzard

An exclusive interview with Adam Lobel, who has been a user experience researcher at Blizzard for two years. We discussed meeting new people in the workplace, turning a PhD into a games job and spotting opportunities in the data that others miss.

Interview with Tyler Sterle, a games user research student

Tyler Sterle

An exclusive interview with Tyler Sterle about the work he has been doing while studying to break into the games industry, essential games user research resources, the importance of networking, and the need to make your own luck!

Games user research interview with Charles Somerville, Bethesda

Charles Somerville – User Researcher at Bethesda.

Charles Somerville is a user researcher at Bethesda. I caught up with him to ask about his journey into games. He talked about some great topics including applying academic experience into the games industry.

Interview with Surabhi Mathur on games user research

Surabhi Mathur – UX Researcher at EA Sports

Surabhi Mathur is an Associate UX Researcher with EA Sports, working on FIFA. In this exclusive interview, I asked about her experience moving from user research at Uber, and the challenges of transitioning into the games industry

Games interview with Elizabeth Zelle, Amazon games

Elizabeth Zelle – Amazon Games

An exclusive interview with Elizabeth Zelle – User Research Manager at Amazon Games. We discussed transitioning from QA into games user research, and top skills for researchers.

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