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Learn the most effective ways to convince teams to playtest their games

Convince teams to playtest

Some of the fears that our colleagues might have about games UX and user research, and what we can do to convince teams to playtest more.

How to measure enjoyment people have playing games

Find the fun – measuring enjoyment in games user research

Games are meant to be fun. We’ll look at why measuring fun is hard, and how to find the fun reliably.

Learn the most effective and valuable ways to share games user research findings

Sharing Games User Research Findings

Communication is one of the most important skills for a researcher to have – here is the lowdown on sharing games user research findings.

Learn more about remote games user research techniques

Remote games user research

Remote games user research is an essential part of our toolbox. In this issue we explore how to do it, and some of the problems to look out for.

Quantitative research methods for games

Quantitative Research for new games user researchers

Essential quantitative research skills for games user researchers, including how to compare two data-sets, and common stats errors.

Learn about what games user researchers do when they're not researching

What else do games user researchers do?

Games user researchers don’t just run studies, and there are other activities which can increase the impact of our work. Learn what user researchers do when they are not running studies.

Tips and advice for new games user researchers

Tips for new games user researchers

It can be hard to be a new user researcher, particularly in organisations which haven’t had much experience of running structured playtests.

Read some tips for new games user researchers that should help avoid some common mistakes!

Debriefing a study for games user research

Debriefing a study

Sharing research findings from playtests and games UX tests is essential to making sure your studies have an impact, and the findings are not ignored.

Tips for analysing a games user research study

Analysing a games user research study

After running a usability or UX playtest, the raw data needs to be analysed to reveal the conclusions and inform game design decisions. Learn how to analyse a games user research study to turn raw data into meaningful findings.

Advice on how to run a games user research study

Running a games user research study

Moderating playtests requires a structure to make sure that the correct topics get covered.

Learn how to run a games user research study that generates the right data to answer game design questions.

Advice on preparing games user research studies

Preparing a games user research study

Preparing a games user research study requires a lot of admin to make sure the right people turn up, the right version gets tested and that the study runs smoothly.

Learn how to recruit participants, and prepare a great study.

Designing games user research studies

Designing a games user research study

Answering research objectives requires selecting the right methods that will reveal players real behaviour.

Learn how to design a study that answers usability and games UX questions reliably.

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