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Making successful games is hard

Hundreds of games are released each day on Steam. Most of those sell less than one hundred copies.

The vast majority of studios fold after releasing their first game.

Too often, game developers are reliant on luck to create a successful game.

A successful game requires minimising production risk (You can’t make it), market risk (there’s no-one to buy it) and experience risk (players won’t like it).


Reduce Game development risk

Imagine releasing a game that you are confident players understand, will enjoy and will buy.

Learning problems early in development, when you still have plenty of runway left to pivot and fix them with elegant solutions (without relying too heavily on pop-up boxes of instructions!)

Getting regular inspiration for what does and doesn’t work with players, confidently prioritising your busy development schedule.

Ultimately – making a game you know players will love.

Successful games user research

Making Playtest inspired iteration simple

Regularly seeing players interact with your game will help you understand what’s working, what’s not working, and where the fun lies. Raw inspiration for iteration.

Every developer recognises the value of playtesting. But we don’t do enough of it.

I’ve worked with hundreds of studios, and know what holds teams back…

  • It’s hard to prioritise player experience amongst all the other busy game development tasks we have
  • Finding playtesters is frustrating and slow
  • Builds are never in a testable state
  • There’s endless data to sift through, it can be hard to make sense of it!
  • The conclusions seem vague and obvious

All of this adds up to an uncertain return on investment for your time, and significant experience risk.

Overwhelmed by data


Take Control of Your Game Development Today

I can help. Games user research offers an alternative, professional quality approach to plan and run lean, efficient studies that generate real actionable conclusions.

I’ve spent over 25,000 player-hours running games user research studies, and led teams of all sizes to integrate user research into their game development process.

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Or, if you have no time, I can also run a user research study for you.

Unlock confident game development with games user research today – Run professional quality playtests, iterate your game, and find the fun.

Run Playtests Today

This toolkit is for game developers who have no time.

Made in collaboration with game designers, producers, community managers, UX designers, QA managers and solo game devs, it brings the expertise of over 25,000 playtest hours into one complete playtest toolkit – making playtesting accessible to all.

It’s a comprehensive & actionable toolkit packed with processes, templates, guides, and tools. Everything you need to be confident running playtests today.

“An absolute must-have for games UX, insight and research teams.”
Nathan Pana – UX / UI Director at Mighty Kingdom

 “the perfect tool for game development teams of any size”
Jo Haslam – Design Director at Snap Finger Click

The Playtest Kit package

Kind Words From Past Collaborations

Lucky Ghost

In creating a new games studio, I was eager to understand more about our players’ needs and motivations in playing games. Steve was able to turn my vague questions and hypotheses into actionable understanding based on real user feedback, which is impacting studio business strategies and the games we are making.

Steve was a trusted partner through this process – from research design, through execution and a delivery of a clear summary which is a constant reference point.

I’d have no hesitation in working with Steve in the future, and would recommend him to anyone who has questions about the people playing their games, or wants to learn more about user research for games.

James Whitcroft
Founder – Lucky Ghost
John Foster

Steve is an expert in his field, and his exceptional manner is very suited to working with a range of clients. I don’t hesitate to recommend him.

John Foster
Lead Game Designer – Sumo Digital

Steve Bromley has been instrumental in taking our user research to the next level.

As we approached the launch of our first big title, we had a lot of questions about what our long-term play experience was like. Steve helped us define a playtest method that could answer those questions, including finding suitable participants and figuring out the right questions to measure engagement.

He went above and beyond to assist us and has been incredibly important to our user research growth

Wilmer Tjärnberg
User Experience Designer – Frame Break
Jeff Resnik

Want to give Steve Bromley, UX Research extraordinaire, a giant shout-out.

Our Consumer Insights team is one team that runs a lot of market and ux research and over the last year we’ve had the pleasure of being able to tap into Steve’s brain on a number of occasions and he’s been incredibly helpful.

He has been extremely helpful as we work to support our various internal stakeholders with great research!

Jeff Resnik
Senior Director of Consumer Insights at Pixel United (Big Fish Games, Product Madness, Plarium)
Michelle P

Chatting with Steve about sound strategies in the games user research area really helped me faciliate and set up proper playtests to be effective for our developers with as little participant bias as possible, culminating in a smooth and successful release of some of our recent content.

Michelle P
Fatshark Games

Meet Steve, Expert Games User Researcher

I am an experienced user researcher, specialising in games user research and building new user research teams.

I work with publishers, platforms and studios of all sizes from indies to AAA to run playtests, and integrate user research into the game development process. I’ve spent over 25,000 hours with players!

Prior to this I was a senior user researcher for PlayStation and worked on many of their top European titles, including Horizon Zero Dawn, SingStar, the LittleBigPlanet series and the PlayStation VR lineup.

A few of srteve's games

I wrote the best-selling 5-star rated book Building User Research Teams.

I started the IGDA’s Games User Research mentoring scheme, which has linked hundreds of students with industry professionals from top games companies such as Sony, EA, Valve, Ubisoft and Microsoft. This inspired my bestselling book How To Be A Games User Researcher which shares the expertise needed to work in the games industry, and has over 50 5-star reviews on Amazon.