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Free monthly actionable lessons on how to run professional quality playtests and start a career in games user research. Written by games user research veterans and people who have just made the leap, the games user research newsletter will help you stand out from the crowd and get your first job in games UX research.

Learn topics such as:

  • How to write a playtest survey
  • How to get experience without a job
  • Top interview questions to ask players
  • How to build a games user research portfolio
  • Develop quantitative and qualitative research skills
  • Where to find internships and jobs

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What readers are saying

The newsletter provides so many helpful tips and tricks for any newbie, especially those coming from a career in academia, who wants to break into the gaming user experience research industry.

I have been able to read what UX looks like in the gaming industry and translate it into academic terms, ultimately helping me wrap my head around how I might be able to market myself.

Lucy C. Niess – PhD Candidate entering the games industry –> Now at Epic Games

The Games User Research newsletter aids me in my journey as a UR Designer for Ubisoft and PhD candidate in GUR with its diverse and rich content about success stories, industry advice, job listings, links to additional resources and more.

This really makes me feel part of the lovely GUR community.

Whether you are just starting, looking to excel your UR career or wanting to be in the loop about the current research trends in the games industry, then this newsletter is for you.

Natali, User Research Design Intern at Ubisoft

Having studied Psychology and UX Design at university, what I was missing, was some real industry insight from a veteran of the games industry.

Steve’s newsletter was exactly what I needed – packed full of not only useful information but actions that I could take to tick the right boxes to help myself towards securing a role.

The newsletter undoubtedly helped me on my path to securing that critical first role and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone considering games user research and especially those who have their heart set on it and just need practical advice to take steps forward

James Bowsher – UX Design MSc entering the games industry –> Now at Sega

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Games user research lessons

Monthly lessons deep diving on the playtesting skills you need to know

Games User Research Interview
Career Interviews

Interviews with new + experienced games user researchers, sharing their insider tips for getting jobs

Games User Research Jobs
Entry level jobs + more

The latest junior games user research jobs, and curated links from across the community

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