Planning and running games user research studies

Welcome! Over the next few pages, we’ll cover how to plan and run a games user research study. Throughout we’ll cover some tips to make sure that the study is impactful and is providing useful information to your game team.

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Planning and running games user research studies

The main thing a games user researcher does is plan and run studies that answer game design questions. This requires several steps to do right.

In some game studios, a single researcher does all of the steps required to run a study from end to end. In others, researchers have more specialised roles and will focus only on specific parts of the process – for example at Ubisoft where the tasks of planning a study and running the study are done by different people. However, in most places, a researcher is expected to be comfortable leading every part of a study.

In this section, we’ll explore in turn all of the tasks that running a study entails, including:

By exploring each step in turn, we will cover the end-to-end running of a study, which will be typical of many games user research projects.

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